Indy Homecoming: Anderson County comes to town for “Battle of the Bulldogs”.

INDEPENDENCE--- Between the years of 2004 and 2010 the (Garnett)-Anderson County Bulldogs were a winning team in the old-fashioned, (sixty-four) 64-teamed class, where teams had to (bizarrely) fight their way through five rounds of playoffs in order to find themselves holding a state championship title at the end. (Unfortunately, teams still Player Profile: Jacob Adams

For about four solid generations Chanute didn't have much to worry about when it came to the placekicker position. From names like Andrew Parish to the likes of A.J. LaRocca, Chanute was solid for about a whole decade when it came to franchise kickers. However, Chanute has lacked depth as

Coffeyville outscores Parsons for second consecutive year

Since going 0-9 and suffering a rare loss to SEK league rival Parsons in 2015, the Coffeyville-Field Kindley Golden Tornado football team have beaten The Vikings of Parsons High School two years in-a-row now. Behind second-year head coach Darrin Wegner, the 'Nado have built a respectful offense around Junior Quaterback CJ