Where Are The Message Boards?


If you’re looking for the SEK-Sports.com Message Boards, they have been removed in lieu of a new feature we are equally excited about and that is article comments.

The prior 2 years we have tried to get active participation back on the message boards, however, it seems due to social media that the boards were no longer of interest for our visitors.

In its place, we have opened up the comments section of articles for visitors to comment on.

Hopefully, visitors will still find the information they’re looking for as well as share their thoughts and information.

Comments will be open for 3 days after an article is posted and then will be closed afterwards to prevent any unwanted spam or outdated comments.

We hope this change continues to bring visitors to our site, either in active participation or in lurking.

Please watch the video below that explains how to use the comment feature below each article more.

Fast forward to 3:37 in the video for more information.