Three Rivers League Football: Week 4 Preview

TRL FOOTBALL - WEEK 4 PREVIEW   11-Man Division Yates Center (1-2, 1-0 TRL) @ Jayhawk-Linn (3-0, 2-0 TRL) Last Meeting: Jayhawk-Linn defeated Yates Center 38-0 (2016) After being down 22-0 early in the second quarter against Northern Heights, the Yates Center Wildcats were unable to cut down the deficit, eventually falling 50-12. The Wildcats'

Week 4 Pick ‘Em

Week 4 of the Pick 'Em is here. After a week of picks, here's how the contributors shape up: David B. 5-0, David Hart 4-1, Wyatt and Zoel 3-2.  Week 4 Pick 'Em  Game Wyatt Bolinger David Bradbury David Hart Zoel Lopez Parsons @ Labette Fredonia @ Cherryvale Columbus @ Colgan Caney @ Humboldt Pittsburg @ Ft. Scott

Reigning Champion Bulldogs Get First Win In Shootout; Johnson Shines For Parsons

If you are a newcomer to our rowdy, notorious little corner of the state, then there are few things that you may be oblivious to. The first being that: Independence High School Head Coach, Coach Carl Boldra has been around for a very, very long time. The second thing you Player Profile: Cobett Kimberlin Player Profile is Corbett Kimberlin   Positions: Wide Receiver, Strong Safety and Quarterback Years as a starter: 3 Xbox or Playstation: Xbox Pump Up Song: "All That" Tray Jack Highlight of career so far: Freshman year when I had 2 interceptions against Labette. Plans after high school: Just get through this year and see what happens. Favorite Player Profile

Hesston Murrow - Senior for the Humboldt Cub Positions played - Quarterback and Free Safety Years as a starter - 3 Facebook,Twitter, or SnapChat -  SnapChat Favorite Song - Heartache on the dance floor by John Pardi Favorite moment on the football field-  Beating Cherryvale this season Plans after High School - Attending University of Kansas to